Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 14 December 2020

Why Keep Pretending, Boris?

 It's Becoming Obvious You Are Just A Pale Imitation Of May.

Well, my last post turned out to be accurate and prescient. Off like a little puppy to grovel before his mistress our latest version of a quisling PM performed as ever the predictable dash to Brussels to beg morsels. Deadlines obviously too big a word and action to have meant to be more than a rather lame attempt to fool the public and betray the referendum. Last year's disgusting election victory built on lies. The picture above isn't a polite "ladies first" is it? It's lap dog following his mistress, more like.

I'm only surprised the buffoon didn't step of his expensive plane ride to Brussels waving a piece of paper. What a shameful and unpleasant man he's turning out too be. Nought but another forelock tugger. One masquerading as a Brexit fan just to enjoy the luxury of Office,briefly, prior to handing it all over to the EUSSR.

Not one jot of shame. Telling us all about deadlines whilst never ever expecting to action them. At least May's efforts were as a remainer and to a degree, more honest than the Clown we have now. I'm anticipating the next deadline will be wrapped up in tinsel and a big red bow to tide us over Christmas.

The "deal" will be done by next week and will include a further transition period. That term will be set by the EUSSR.. Probably to be as the Fourth Reich was meant to be, forevermore. It began in 2016 say some. As for Boris Johnson, some will say he's played a blinder and screwed well over 17 million voters for years. Two or three times over. 

He talks about being a sovereign Nation whilst announcing EUSSR policies on "climate change" and green issues. No doubt a great deal more. We're heading for that awful position of a vassal EUSSR State, robbed of any wealth and no seat at their table. Just you see.

If anybody has any serious belief otherwise, do let me know. I'm not expecting many replies. What a crashing, crushing disappointment he is. Lies about "deadlines", lies about covid-19 ad probably everything else he utters. Shameless and very, very nasty betrayer. No doubt millions of euros already lodged in an account somewhere. Why else behave with such overarching treachery?


  1. Your sadly so right O R, a terrible betrayal is coming and you can be certain it will be presented as a total triumph. No doubt many will believe it but in reality the only thing that will change is we won't be able to bring back anything like as much tax free if we visit Europe. The treasury will love that it has hated the fact we could avoid a few pounds in duty by buying in more reasonably priced places. Our brave attempt to obtain freedom has been used to take away even the few advantages we had.

  2. Nice article about Ledbury on BBC news this morning O R. It's good to see your going to be in tier one and have a little more freedom at Christmas. I know you can't trust the BBC but we had it on while we had breakfast and before we moved on to the live animal cams on YouTube :-)


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