Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Diminishing Returns.

 Bring About Despairing Enthusiasm.

I did hope that post, the excellent victory for those determined to leave the awfulness that the Common Market's morphing into a Federal Dictatorship became, I would slowly step back from blogging. Sadly for the PM and the Nation, covid-19 hit. For approaching one year, possibly longer, this virus has taken over our lives and our very existence.

Of course the PTB have been able, quickly, to hijack the agenda and ensure that any sense of being in this mess  together was not to be allowed traction. Such a direction could only be permitted if under the pretend Government of leftards we suffered prior to the Election of December 2019. I shall never forget the dreadful way Parliament, presided over by Theresa Traitor May, prevaricated, controlled and rode rough shod over us all for their own ends.

Those ghastly people even trammelled the PM's desires and tactics into the long politicised Law Courts. The "Supreme Court" invented by Bliar and run by his wife's acolytes. Thank goodness that's, for now, clawless as much as ever was clueless. No Gina Millers running our lives as proxies for Soros. At least as far as we can tell.

So without the accidental or otherwise release of this bio weapon that is covid-19, we might have now been the recipients of a new age of conservative politics and a Conservative Government able to mitigate the rubbish now endured. The woke nonsense. The politically correct stupidity and the 107 I believe, BBC promoted genders. FFS.

What next we face, as our freedoms and social enjoyments begin to become distant memories, no one knows. For myself, comment and blogging has become very difficult as everything we once knew and considered has been pushed into the background. Never outside of wartime has anything like this so dominated the media for so very long.

I guess, until such time as a degree of normality, if ever, returns, my puny efforts will be evermore less frequent. I feel powerless to write positively or critically about much at all. My only real anger is reserved for the terrible way the PM has and is treated. Despite almost dying from this disease he has done a great deal for the Country is my considered opinion.

All of the criticisms levelled should have been at the Civil Service. Including the pathetic NHS Trust bosses and bureaucrats. These are the very people who should over decades since have been preparing for the pandemic now raging among us. When we commissioned the Military frontline troops to perform miracles, they did. No doubt to the chagrin of all those found wanting.

How low we have sunk. 60 years of a slowly suffocating education philosophy and a descent into lazy, scruffy, disinterested academia is now visible as if wearing high viz laissez faire jackets. Universities staffed with internecine, backstabbing and selfishly ambitious academics for whom students, like patients for the NHS "Executives, are an anathema. 

That's me for awhile. Not quite giving up but very much deflated where blogging is concerned. Life per se remains on course!

Monday, 11 January 2021

Leave The Government Alone.

 I Doubt Anybody Could Do Better.

Because of smug entitled arrogance.

Only a root and branch cull of people like the guy above would help. A Cabinet and or PM can only function with Mandarin support. Which rarely is available to Tory Governments. Particularly if it enjoys a large Brexit mandate.

Covid is and has been, from day one, a wet dream come true for the Mandarin and Quango Chiefs. Very much including the NHS bureaucrats. Faced with a huge majority, primed to take away their beloved career paths to a mightier sinecure of unaccountability with the EUSSR, these miserable snobs are desperate to recover the control stolen for decades.

Just remember the dark, embarrassing days of May traipsing round Europe to push the belief she was busy getting Brexit "done". Which she got close to. Doing us all over.  So when it comes to "us" versus "them" and a pandemic, "them" are using it for all its worth to screw the Public. How, you might ask? By shafting OUR PM at every turn.

As for that rag, The Guardian. Now producing a weekly, fixed poll to say everybody wants Boris gone. Does anybody but leftards truly believe their ghastly lies? More fool they if they do. Just leave the politics aside for once. At least until this awful pandemic is tamed. Then look long and hard at who's most culpable for failings.

You know where I'll be looking and it won't be into the PM's struggle with enemies on every side. Morons only content in pursuing a path back to before the referendum days of total control. Note bene Lord, (FFS) Heseltine, for one.

Stay healthy and impartial people.

Monday, 4 January 2021

Doesn't 2020 seem a long time ago!

 What On Earth Was The EU Thingy?

Alleluia, we have left the Federal European Union of Soviet Republics! No more need to be told off by the likes of Verhofstadt or kneel before the F├║hrerin or be harangued and bullied by Barnier and his ilk of unelected and unaccountable, expensively overpaid, cretinous civil servants. Just like our own, of course.

Talking of which, I detect a powerful alliance between the media and Mandarin class that is desperate to bad mouth the PM and do all they can to discredit him and his Ministers. For example a snide, non story today about "some" trucks held up taking goods to NI. Hadn't the correct paperwork, FFS. It's four and a half years since the referendum  and I'm sure paperwork mistakes occurred for EUSSR goods all the time. It's the nature of bureaucracy and don't kid yourselves, the EUSSR were world beaters at red tape.

As for covid-19. We have two vaccines, not one, available now. That's a cause for hope and optimism beyond the guttersnipe, leftard, wannabee dictators behind the scenes. Let's believe the Andrew Neil news outlet will be better. Not too hard that's for sure. 

Let just not forget, a Government is elected, the Civil Servants are not. Yet the power the latter have to wreck our Nation is enormous. Never is our well being a factor i the corridors of power, that's for certain.  Ask yourself this. Who appoints senior  Staff in the NHS? Various Ministries and a legion of quangos? Mandarins. The forelock tugging is rife in these institutions. 

More sycophancy is practised than any work on our behalf. As for their post "retirement" perks, worth millions, don't go there. If ever we need a further swamp clearing, now we are free of the EU monster, it's our own bureaucrats secret covens. Then real freedoms could be dusted off and our Nation once again prosper. Time will tell and it may yet be too little, too late to recover. We have made a bold move, of course.


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