Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 4 January 2021

Doesn't 2020 seem a long time ago!

 What On Earth Was The EU Thingy?

Alleluia, we have left the Federal European Union of Soviet Republics! No more need to be told off by the likes of Verhofstadt or kneel before the Fúhrerin or be harangued and bullied by Barnier and his ilk of unelected and unaccountable, expensively overpaid, cretinous civil servants. Just like our own, of course.

Talking of which, I detect a powerful alliance between the media and Mandarin class that is desperate to bad mouth the PM and do all they can to discredit him and his Ministers. For example a snide, non story today about "some" trucks held up taking goods to NI. Hadn't the correct paperwork, FFS. It's four and a half years since the referendum  and I'm sure paperwork mistakes occurred for EUSSR goods all the time. It's the nature of bureaucracy and don't kid yourselves, the EUSSR were world beaters at red tape.

As for covid-19. We have two vaccines, not one, available now. That's a cause for hope and optimism beyond the guttersnipe, leftard, wannabee dictators behind the scenes. Let's believe the Andrew Neil news outlet will be better. Not too hard that's for sure. 

Let just not forget, a Government is elected, the Civil Servants are not. Yet the power the latter have to wreck our Nation is enormous. Never is our well being a factor i the corridors of power, that's for certain.  Ask yourself this. Who appoints senior  Staff in the NHS? Various Ministries and a legion of quangos? Mandarins. The forelock tugging is rife in these institutions. 

More sycophancy is practised than any work on our behalf. As for their post "retirement" perks, worth millions, don't go there. If ever we need a further swamp clearing, now we are free of the EU monster, it's our own bureaucrats secret covens. Then real freedoms could be dusted off and our Nation once again prosper. Time will tell and it may yet be too little, too late to recover. We have made a bold move, of course.



  1. I doubt if any party will even think about taking us back into the EU in our time O R, it's just too much of a nightmare for them to consider. Nice to see the generous duty free allowances we can buy, being nearer to Dover than you I am looking forward to stocking up when the booze cruise returns.

  2. Magic, the return of the booze cruise! Always remained for the EUSSR work force, remember.

  3. It alway struck me as a bit sad to see so many Brits having to go on a booze cruise to get the little luxuries of life because our government taxes the living daylights out of us O R. I shall of course put such sadness aside and return to my booze cruise habits all the same :-) With luck you can find good English ale made here but sold there for half the price.


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