Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Road Map Tripe!

 It's A Sodding Timetable, You Media Cretins.

I listen hardly ever to news on the media anymore. Hence the sparsity of posts. Last evening I was curious to discover how the PM's address and news conference was to go down for us all. I chose BBC News for the ease of pressing the number one remote channel button. As expected a glum, vindictive tone and posture met me from that pompous Welshman Edwards. His features brightening when able to gloss over the rays of sunshine and hope from the PM and breathlessly and adoringly introduce that expert of all experts bar none, Kuenssberg.

After many weeks of not watching them all, her ravaged, bitter features came as a bit of a startle. Not content with the downcast negativity of her failed remain credentials, she's now become utterly aged with bitterness at the landslide given our PM in 2019. Now she faces his growing stature derived from his covid-approach and in particular the overwhelming success with vaccine research and the rapid, wonderful roll out of vaccines.

After a near death covid illness himself, the PM, tousled hair and all, is back on form. No time wasting, endless courting of the media beloved of most of his predecessors and the drug of choice for Bliar, the PM has ignored the barbs, spiteful innuendos and attacks on his beloved Carrie. 

Not for they the parading of their offspring to satiate the prurient a la the Markles. The posturing "first ever parents ever" so common with those drunk with two minutes of reality, soft and sometime worse, porn series. I digress, as is my wont. 

I sought the free from copyright video above to describe how listening to and reading about the PM's timetable, (roadmap FFS. How typically pretentious), his address made me feel. How lucky are we who identify closely with nature and the spiritual mindset it gives us. Pantheism, one philosophy with total validation all around us, may I suggest.

After endless setbacks, media and opposition hypocrisy, damned if you do and damned if you don't, constant harrying, we have hope. A sunrise at last to relish and look forward to. With or without media support and optimism, it's something to unite us all and feel part of achieving. Despite the awfulness to date, the traumatic losses and experiences, the human condition can, for once, be lauded. We are being and have been led so far by an unsung hero.

Like Churchill, Boris has been forced to become a wartime leader and suffer the same attacks and spitefulness Sir Winston endured. Though both men, like all of us except of course the media, they have frailties and are human. We should be proud to have been and be part of their forces. Accepting the vaccines, obeying as best as possible the rules and regulations. Dare I say "bulldog spirit".

As always will be the case, many have chosen to be mean spirited, selfish and often very, very stupid. They have deprived themselves of much. Such are those people that the video above will be meaningless. Its message lost on their lack of character and their surfeit of selfishness. They are such ludicrous losers. Not even aware of their missed joys and opportunities denied to  them. Unlike those who have room for others in their hearts and understand their world's beauty as well as its horrors.

Thank you for all your hard and often thankless work, in your months in Office, Prime Minister. I know you, more than most, are worthy of a beautiful sunrise.

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  1. Good to see your still posting O R, keep up the good work. I have been unable to comment for a while due to a computer change but finally worried it out.


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