Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Thursday, 4 February 2021

The Media Getting Very Twitchy.

 UK'S Vaccination Programme Looking World Class.


I hope my knew gif facility works. Should do. I feel the one I've chosen very apt for 2021 MSM output. Post the ridiculous EUSSR efforts to alienate the whole world last week, their media sycophants and lickspittles are still desperate to land blows on the UK Government.

Vaccination scares a daily little nudge. No matter them being fake. Now a sudden hope the quarantine plan for incoming visitors and other arrivals is a source for attacking the whole idea is pathetic. Ideas and advice is floated, mentioned in Public as a maybe. Then becomes a "broken promise", FFS. 

The desperation to find negatives, make us all even more miserable under a pandemic cosh, which is hardly this PM or his Government's fault. If, as looks more and more the case, the creation of and roll out of vaccinations, now appearing wonderfully to be curbing and controlling the spread, we are able to dare think of a covid free life again, Boris will deserve huge praise.

Of course, were this to come to pass, our awful, leftard, soft underbelly of useless coteries will be mortified to the point of shutting the **ck up for, we can hope, years to come. We may yet see a wonderful silver lining to a pandemic so, to date, relished by all and sundry of UK hater and gainsayers. Bit like the that very similar crowd behind the remain lot. Do you think the very same people, indeed

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  1. The vaccine will make you sterile and can cause your hair to fall out O R :-)) These things must be true I read them on the internet which of course is as credible as the know it all drunk down the pub. Stay safe the worst is over.


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