Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Not Quite Gone, Yet!

 Still Lurking.

Just 36 days back in Office and The Democrats honour their pledge to the arms industry as promised in return for their support in fiddling  ousting the peace maker last President! Note zero leftard outcry at the likely deaths of innocents, the disgraceful and probably unlawful bombing and the flimsy excuse that it's down to attacks on their occupying forces still in Iraq.

This same dictatorial and smug attitude of superior but deluded morality, self entitlement and aggression as ever, happily embraced by their core and nasty left, "anything goes", need for satisfying their lust and greed for power, supporters. The ghastly media moguls and their lickspittles as deeply embedded as their  corruption and military occupational forces are in the panoply of hidden deep state grossness.

To think, in a matter of days they are making their Nemesis, the former President, look spectacularly good and everything his success merited. Just days after a deeply suspicious Election and massive fraud to be rid of a President they feared.

Add to this ghastly resurfacing of American aggression and bullying, the behaviour of the EUSSR. So gutted we brits had the temerity to leave. Mortified that all of their bribery and corruption, lies and covert efforts to belittle and stop our leaving failed, these idiots are seeking to undermine anything they can, we are getting on with. Punishing the UK has priority over all else. 

As for a glaring example of their gross negligence and power for it own sake, just look long and hard at what their PR machine, at a cost of billions per annum, has been unable to hide. The absolute debacle fighting the pandemic has been and continues to be across the Continent. Clueless. Firstly they sow doubt and fear over the AstroZeneca vaccine. A disgraceful and totally without foundation, political piece of puerile nastiness. 

Never mind. It's causing sufficient problems to disturb those who have or are about to take it. At least as our citizens die and lag by millions behind the Brits' programme, we've landed a little poke. Worth every extra infected individual, if we embarrass the Brits and their Government. 

Just, also, push any border delays onto Brexit. Don't link the pandemic issues. As for holidays and travel, their next move will be to ban fully vaccinated, two doses, Brits, with the AstraZeneca vaccine, from being allowed to  holiday in Europe. Just wait and see. Their spite in unquenchable. No doubt they'll have Biden's lot along for their ride to Armageddon.

The reports that the EUSSR were seeking rights to manufacture the Russian Sputnik vaccine also seemingly in disarray this morning, according to RT. The EU Commissars also attempting to ban that exercise. Possibly urged too to that by the Biden admin.

Meanwhile the UK's slowly gaining ground and moving inexorably towards victory over the covid virus. Whilst the EUSSR's abject failings become evermore obvious. Our battered economy will be weeks if not months ahead of Europe. Possibly even the USA. So all of the hand wringing and now spiteful nastiness of the Federalists looks, to this blogger everything I and others always believed.

A fervent understanding and belief that the whole EU project was conceived for the benefit of the powerful or the wannabees Presidents of major and subjugated serfdoms. So that's a lot of puerile and egotistical folk denied such power over the UK and with a huge amount of venom to discharge. Trouble there is they will only poison themselves. As we are witnessing with MERKEL'S PRESENT FRAGILE POSITION.

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