Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 6 March 2021

The Daily Fail.

 Saturday's Utter Rubbish.

I am no longer following news avidly just glance at briefly and infrequently. Hence the rare blog posts these days. However Mrs OR likes The Mail on Saturday for their TV weekly listing, so we take that. I glance through.

Today, after several weeks of attacking Carrie Symonds, these ghastly clowns and editor, no idea of his name and don't care to look it up, ran one of their endless so called "scoops". At least in their own puerile little minds they are "exclusives". What an utter load of absolute tripe. Just another weak attempt to throw mud. Pathetic.

Not too surprising it followed Friday's YouGov poll showing a 13% lead of Starmer's stumbling and soulless minions. This dreadful lurch into leftard behaviour by this rag pathetic. Doomed to failure, I'm certain. As yesterday as the Labour Party has been for 20 years. Nasty, fake, stories often with barely a grain of truth.

Just in case of any doubt this décor rubbish and "scandal, as if, was followed by a tenuous and equally spiteful hint that Ms Symonds was somehow linked to her new Boss, Aspinall's alleged difficulties. Other than he's her present employer, apparently, this was still an excuse to throw spite and venom from this dreadful and useless chip wrapper.

Of course the coming up to 15 months since the PM's storming election win and the success of the vaccine roll out, the best in the world, plus the probable link to his 15% poll lead, all suggest his enemies are floundering and badly. 

Not only that, if, as is likely, the vaccination programme leads to high praise, fervent gratitude and a deserved place in history for Prime Minister Johnson, his critics, the Civil Service Mandarin Class of arrogant superiority and the left will all be reduced further in the pecking order of power. Demoted rightly via the ballot box.

So there you have it, rant over. I'll just finish with "well done, PM. That's showing "them"!

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  1. Brace yourself O R we have the Harry and Megan show coming next week.


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