Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

It Must Be Saturday.

 The Favourite Day For The Daily Fail To Attack OUR PM.

Each weekend Mrs. OR has the Saturday Fail and for many weeks it's been headlining nasty, spiteful, ugly sour grapes dug out of the bottom of old, stagnant waste bins. This week it's the turn of that mincing and ghastly, failed ex Minister Alan Duncan.

another "mother's boy" steeped in corruption and sycophancy. a gross excuse for a people's representative now seeking the status of pundit of greatness. The depravity this man exudes now published for us all to wonder at as to how such vitriolic and nasty pronouncements are able to be, for one second, regarded as anything but salacious and bitter, personal resentment.

What a cowardly and harridan like quality he shows. Aided and abetted by another such failed individual, May. A pair of individuals sourer than a rotten lemon and then some. Much of their ire pure envy at his achievements and success at getting us out of their dearest friends in the EUSSR.

Not least, for all remainers, is the painful truth that under our PM, who they so nastily loathe for destroying their EU career opportunities, we have a huge gap in our progress against the covid virus that has so glaringly put the EU to shame. What a dreadful rag run by another mincing joke who's name I have no idea is.

All I hope is that the deeper the depths these creatures stoop to, the better and more obvious they make our PM's success apparent. Their tactics now embracing an also ran, wannabee PM, Duncan, switched from unfounded and made up crap over Carrie and Downing Street wallpaper, FFS.

I pray the PM's Easter is better, happier and deservedly restful despite, his gross and ghastly enemies. Right now he deserves another ten years in Office the rate he's going. His weak and unbelievably crass, jealous and full of their own bile and venom detractors are nought but that cabal of EUSSR ass lickers we all grew to despise for their unpatriotic air of superiority. An attitude now laid bare for the grossness it has revealed


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself O R, well done.


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