Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

I'm Fallible.

 I Always Have Known That!

IDS is spot on. I am appalled at how the Mandarin Class is still getting away with underhand and damaging "Yes Minister" behaviour over the pandemic. I just do not believe for one moment the "advice" being touted has the efficacy it is credited with. 

Mark Harper, Tory head of the CRG for the Conservatives debated on GB news yesterday with a woman Professor and Government (Mandarin) "Honchess"  who blithely hinted the vaccination programme isn't all its cracked up to be. What!? Where did that come from, FFS?

Like all PMs before him, Mr Johnson has allowed himself, it appears, to be corralled by the ever underhand, slimy Mandarin Class. Their venom and bile over Brexit knows no bounds. Covid an ideal vehicle to use to run over the latest Number 10 incumbent. The previous occupant limbed on board well before the steamroller even ran its engine. 

 Boris seemed to be of sterner and brighter stuff than most PMs. Sadly it appears his brush with death, from covid-19 infection, reduced his capacity to outwit the real and dictatorial rulers of our Nation. Many from the same stable who tricked Bliar into devolution and destroyed their base in Scotland. Devolution a plan hatched with the EU, no doubt. The same ilk who easily seduced Tess May into subservience to the EU and almost overturned the referendum result.

So yesterday's postponement of the draconian and debilitating laws around the pandemic looks, to me, so blatantly a Mandarin scam on us all.  The PM again blithely telling us that this virus isn't just for Christmas but forever. Here repeating the medical mantra that is now suggesting the vaccination programme is far more limiting than previously trumpeted.

Of course I'm bereft of any idea what's what. Given the duplicitous nature of our now tainted political and global, greed ridden, powerful elite who amongst us mere mortals can know the real background of anything. However some logic can be applied. 

For example, even the data trotted out yesterday still suggested that the vaccination programme is having mega, positive capability to reduce infection, hospital admissions and deaths. The engendered  siren calls for panic and continued awful social stifling now very successful with this further, interminable delay. Let us stop for a moment and reflect on the siren voice origin. You know, the on which led the wooed onto the rocks.

For me that legend is very apt as the song wafts over the fog and smokescreens puffed out by the Mandarins. As they act as the violins to the siren voices playing into the open portholes of Downing Street, my own despair, at yesterday's decision, is heightened by the failings of the PM's musical ear.


  1. Your correct in your observations O R the PM does not seem to have retained his old energetic self since he was taken ill. With the constant drip drip of poison we now see I wonder how much longer we will have him as PM, I will forever be grateful to him for pulling off Brexit for us probably his greatest achievement.

  2. Rightie!

    I am overjoyed to have found your blog again.
    After you disappeared i had feared the worst, it's really heartwarming to find you still kicking the fools supposed to be running this country but who in practice arn't even in charge of their own bowel movements.
    Will have to do some reading and catch up on your observations.


  3. Come on OR, surely you could post a little more often the house must be finished by now :-)


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