Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Friday, 11 June 2021

The Endless Know-alls.

 2021 The Year So Many Certain Types, Media Mostly, Know Everything.

I remember how many knew exactly when Mr and Mrs Johnson would marry. Only they didn't. I've stepped back from blogging and daily saturation of political matters since the PM's resounding, triumphant and rampant victory on the 19/12/2019.

To date he's not let me down. Not even in the face of a brutal pandemic, near death infection and a constant barrage of venomous nastiness from the left and their agents deeply embedded in the "Civil" Service, from top to bottom. A joy to have in Number 10.

Day in day out people preach at us all, the PM included, as to what and how the pandemic be managed. None of these "experts" face any personal risk if their, often malicious, agenda turn out wrong. Unlike the PM who is damned for what he does or doesn't decide.

Well, any highly contagious disease will never be beaten in overcrowded, ghetto ridden Nations. The UK included. Add boatloads of infected and diseased illegal immigrants being collected in French waters and shipped into this Country. Ignore the thousands arriving undetected, slipping into those areas now showing increased infections. Then wonder why people are surprised we have regional outbreaks spreading across the whole Country.

Mass immigration has been a disaster across the human race. A scourge promoted by the powerful and their need to "grow" their empires. These very same people now parade their puffed our holier than thou humanitarian credentials whilst ignoring the real outcomes. Drug and people trafficking rife. Enforced prostitution and slavery. Plus the rapist grooming gangs. All of these factors rife before this inevitable pandemic.

So now we face, possibly, another lost Summer down to the one aspect of recent history we are forced to ignore. The root cause of total bias in favour of the very minorities and their devotees in power and calculated animosity against the once proud and closely knit, tolerant inhabitants of these Islands. 

Before anyone gets high and mighty and resorts to the usual self righteous and smug air of self proclaimed perfection and racial superiority for non white origins, I'm speaking of "MASS IMMIGRATION". Sensible, decent welcoming for the genuine needy is fine. As the Ugandan Asians facing genocide will testify.

As for the 21st of June lifting of restrictions. Ponder this. After 18 months of some kind of lockdown, draconian, freedom sapping authoritarianism, the loss of spontaneous joy and pleasures and the gross lack of any common sense, further continuation of this situation is an admission of failure to date. Ergo, why on earth carry on with a failed social and economic nightmare that's proven useless? 

Lift restrictions, sack most of the Civil Service and Council workers, who've stopped what little they ever did before the pandemic. Find better, more willing people to replace these morons and start over. Regan sacked the whole of his Air traffic Control staff. 

Many soon came crawling back with huge sighs of relief and a preparedness to drop the curse of our UK Civil and Council employees' belief in their untouchable status. Do not forget, ever, how these people have disappeared during the pandemic and been found wanting. They need to be gone.

If these people, or at least a good number of them, were gone, the restrictions lifted and a new approach introduced what's to lose? My point is that nothing. Carry on as now, with lockdowns, uncertainty and slothfulness from a lazy tax paid army and we'll never get any normality again. 

Also use the opportunities of the foregoing to crack down very, very hard, on controlling our borders properly. Control fought against by the very people I want to see gone. What's not to like?


  1. Nice to see you back blogging O R. I honestly thought your absence was down to Mrs O R keeping you too busy putting the house right after the recent repairs :-)


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