Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 16 August 2021

I Told You So.

 What A Further, Humiliating, Utter Rout.

I was motivated to be a blogger by the shameful antics of the UK's Labour Government and the dreadful carryings on in Afghanistan. For well over a decade I posted regularly but after December 2019 and The PM's resounding victory, I decided to row back and in effect retire from blogging.

The Vietnam repeat of what some consider the world's number one super power, is woefully predictable. A shambolic, bloody and terrible war of attrition which throughout history no external power has ever won in this blighted Country. Indeed the Russians, with years of terrible losses ending for them as now for the USA, warned that America's intervention would go the same way was ignored roundly.

We must also recall the Americans' Syrian adventures and support of rebel forces and that awful outcome for the Syrian people another unnecessary and gross bloodshed and smug warmongering failure. Putin is to be lauded for bringing that war to an end. Regardless of the powerful and envious spite Russia has been saddled with. 

What is so dreadful about the ghastly fleeing images so reminiscent of the then Saigon, is it was inevitable. As inevitable as the fat cat, US and western arms dealers and manufacturers. Sold billions to further this ridiculous occupation and now set to sell ever more weaponry to fight the likely terrorist surge the Taliban will unleash on us all.

Ever since WW2 ended the West, led by the USA, has played, badly, the role of global policing. In reality seeking to force obedience to the God of Mammon. Meddling interference dressed up as benevolent and decent protection. All the time profiting from bloodshed and mayhem.

To add insult to injury the west's PTB have chosen to transfer millions of people from Countries ruined by puerile, arrogant, pretended benign, occupation. Millions of immigrants with a large percentage of those resentful of the military brutality, imposed amongst us, in the name of peace and protection. Abu Grab a perfect example. My Lai  a horrific reminder of how human beings behave when put into evil situations.

Our Western politicians of the last 100 years excel in but one area. An utter lack of accountability for their dismal failures. Not one jot of humility nor any sense of shame. They are the same over economic and huge losses financially. Just look at the pollution and climate damage these wars have and do cost. Trillions of dollars to handover black hawk helicopters willy nilly to their enemies, as reported yesterday.

What a horrific mess and waste of so many lives. "When will we ever learn". Just one simple answer, never.

I Told You So.

 What A Further, Humiliating, Utter Rout. I was motivated to be a blogger by the shameful antics of the UK's Labour Government and the d...